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-a work in progress-

release TBA

a pile of veggie dyed linens and scrappy

I was inspired to create The Vagabond Collection while I was sorting through items in my studio. I found two journal covers I started long ago (back before I was using a sewing machine!!) and they were covered with the prettiest veggie dyed linens and laces I purchased from a woman in France. I pulled away at the little bits and pieces carefully and there sat the prettiest little pile of ragged and rough pink, cream and beige textiles in the world. True story. I am recently obsessed with chartreuse and not at all surprised how well my chartreuse crushed velvet fits right in with these dusty pinks and soft tones. 

I named this The Vagabond Collection because like a tired traveler, these little textile bits are a tad disheveled yet beautifully full of life, experience and charm.

They traveled to me from across the ocean, stayed for a while on my shelf and now have new life in this fresh and charming collection.

Soon they will be ready to head out again <3

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